Organize Yourselves;
Prepare Every Needful Thing

Track ordinations, missionaries and callings as they progress from recommendation to completion.
Prepare agendas, record minutes and make assignments...all in one place.

What can Clerk Tools do for me?

Track ward and stake business from start to finish. Keep it all in one place.

Alerts & Reminders

Automated reminder emails to keep things fresh on everyone’s mind. You’ll know what has been assigned to you, get meeting agendas ahead of time, and stay on top of it all. You’ll be better prepared to magnify your calling.


Clerk Tools gives you everything you need from the time you feel inspired to extend a call all the way to setting apart. Your Primary President will thank you for being so organized. All the business you need, all in one place.


Do you have a young man ready to be ordained an elder? No need to fill out a paper slip. Simply submit the recommendation in Clerk Tools and it automatically appears on the Stake Presidency agenda for review. It then flows through the prescribed process all the way to ordination.


Scheduling interviews, remembering important dates, arranging the setting apart, tracking when they return…all in one convenient place. All of you have the details at your fingertips when you need them. Focus on the missionary, not the minutia.


Prepare your agendas in a place where everyone can see them. Many of the attendees will prefer to simply view the agenda on their device. Record meeting minutes right on the agenda. Meeting minutes are immediately available for others to view.


Return and Report like you’ve never seen it before. When your leader assigns you a task it is immediately on your list. Mark it done on your phone. That's it. Everyone knows its done and you can get home for Sunday dinner. You’ll carry less paper and spend more time ministering.

A House of Order

Technology is hastening the work all around us. You'll work more efficiently in your part of the vineyard when you are using tools designed specifically for what you are doing. Tools designed to help you build a house of order. Using the right tool for the job will help you be one, be confident, be organized, and be prepared. See how Clerk Tools can help you in your specific calling. Let us all press on!

Be One

Presidencies and bishoprics work as one with executive secretaries and clerks. All the business of the kingdom, all recorded and managed in one place. Your act is finally together.

Be Organized

Clerks and executive secretaries prepare and record the proceedings of meetings in the same place you access them. Things don’t get misplaced or forgotten. They are on the list until you remove them.

Be Confident

You won’t have to rely on your memory (or someone else’s memory) for the items that need attention. Let Clerk Tools remember for you, so you can be confident that the work is moving forward.

Be Prepared

Arrive at your meetings having already reviewed the agenda and suggested items for discussion. Begin preparing agendas well in advance and have them available for attendees to review or to add their suggestions.

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